This page is where — later in autumn 2021 — we hope to launch a shop to make it easy for you to download wholesome, entertaining and educational items to benefit your family.  Until then, you can purchase Journey Beyond the Great Tree in ebook and paperback format at the following stores, as well as many others, online:

Journey Beyond the Great Tree, 2nd Edition, is a wholesome novel of contemporary Muslim family life and surreal adventure, with aniconic color illustrations highlighting an exciting plot, intended for readers age 8 and up. Now on sale at Barnes and Noble in paperback and as a Nook ebook, and from Indigo as a Kobo ebook.

The paperback is also now on sale at Amazon, and can be ordered from Amazon UK.

NOTE: On Indigo’s website, as of June 9, 2020, the book has somehow been mislabeled as “Appropriate for ages: 6 – 8.” In fact, it is intended for readers age 8 and up.

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