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Zaynab Books LLC serves Muslim children and their families and friends by publishing works that educate and delight. We are proud of Allah Most High for allowing us to bear witness as beautiful books composed of Islamic arts and letters materialized between our hands. We have chosen, with the time and resources available, to focus on the content and quality of our books at the expense of things like advertising them and developing this website. We wholeheartedly welcome you to browse these pages and let us know if we can be of service to you.

“I have read an advance proof of the children’s novel Journey Beyond the Great Tree by Adnan Ashraf. To the best of my judgment, its content is in accord with Muslim beliefs and ethics and it is a sound contribution towards fulfilling the need for Muslim children’s stories in the English language.” – Shaykh Qays Arthur, Muslim Sacred Sciences Instructor, Amman, Jordan

“Well-written and beautifully illustrated, Journey Beyond the Great Tree represents a new genre in Muslim children’s literature. Weaving together elements of fantasy, environmentalism, and spirituality, author Adnan Ashraf writes with the Muslim child in mind as he chooses a young Muslim girl, Safa, for his protagonist. On a mission to save her father’s orange juice business, Safa quickly transcends the confines of her suburban Florida neighborhood, challenging herself to climb the great tree that is the source of the family’s livelihood. While Safa’s journey elevates her physically and metaphorically as she meets a whimsical cast of characters and transcends the boundaries of heaven and earth, she manages to remain grounded throughout—she is conscientious about her prayer and themes of Qur’an and dhikr echo throughout. To write fantasy with a didactic element is not an easy feat, but Adnan Ashraf’s first novel is a solid attempt at filling in the gaps in literary offerings for the Muslim child.” – Ustadha Zaynab Ansari, Faculty, Tayseer Seminary, Knoxville, Tennessee

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Journey Beyond the Great Tree, 2nd Edition, 336 pages. Text: Adnan Ashraf.
Illustrations: Sanah Z. Shan. Calligraphy: Muhammad Elmarouk.
ePub ISBN: 9780986376153, Paperback ISBN: 9780986376177.

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