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“Do I want my child to read Journey Beyond the Great Tree?”

“Do we want to purchase Safa’s Palette: Coloring and Vocabulary Book of Allah’s Names?”

If you’re looking for recommendations, you can find one or two on our homepage and on the page about our values. And here is a verified review by three young readers and a parent on Amazon. As far as reviews are concerned, our titles are about as obscure as they get. If you liked one, why not review it?

Recommend Journey Beyond the Great Tree or Safa’s Palette: Coloring & Vocabulary Book of Allah’s Names.

Happy to have experienced either or both of these titles? Would you like to share your experience by writing a short, honest recommendation?

If you purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indigo, we recommend rating and reviewing there to help others find and benefit from the title.

Alternatively, Goodreads is possibly the biggest and most popular site on which to share your opinion with readers around the world. It makes it easy to do the good deed of showing others how they can simultaneously entertain and teach their children (and themselves) the meanings of 17 of Allah’s beautiful names: review Safa’s Palette on Goodreads. Or review Journey Beyond the Great Tree on Goodreads, and help put this novel in the hands of a young reader who will be delighted to discover that the world of fiction goes far beyond Harry Potter, the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Magic Tree House, et al.

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Professional reviewers

Are you a book reviewer or writer affiliated with professional media, or a book blogger? If you would like to review Journey Beyond the Great Tree or Parent & Child: Seven Stories, or Safa’s Palette: Coloring and Vocabulary Book of Allah’s Names, we can possibly provide a review copy in ePub or PDF format. Just send a short note to with (links to) a sampling of any past reviews.

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